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Custom illustrations inspired by the life of Kevin Fehling.

Kevin Fehling is not just any ordinary chef, he is the mastermind behind the three Michelin Starred Hamburg restaurant and culinary phenomenon success known the Table. Kevin Fehling is one of the youngest  European  Chefs to ever earn himself the three Michelin star rating. His restaurant is one of the most exclusive in the world visited by VIPs and some of the most affluential and influential guests around the world. 

I was contacted in early 2016 to begin this project to create depictions of Kevin's life in my unique "fairytale-esque" style. The idea was to create eight custom illustrations to be featured in the magazine, The Table. The first set of illustrations were inspired by Kevin's stories about where and how he was inspired to create some of his most famous dishes. The eight artworks were featured in a four page, full-colour spread of the magazine.

In 2017 I was asked again to create a further six illustrations for his new edition of the Table Vol 2, but this time the illustrations were inspired by some of his favourite Culinary memories. He retold stories of him travelling the world and eating at some places as humble as a local Singaporean street carts, to dining at some of the finest restaurants in the world like those of Sergio Herman, Jean George Klein or Heston Blumenthal.

All fourteen of the original artworks have been purchased and are in possession of a private owner and Kevin Fehling now houses all fourteen of the Giclee artworks in Hamburg.

I am currently working on Volume 3 with a commission for another 6 prints. So stay tuned for the newest creations.

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